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21.7 % Honolulu Haze Kief

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Most cannabis connoisseurs have seen and likely even discussed, in great length, the crystal-like formations that often cover cannabis buds. This sticky residue that makes flower look so majestic is Kief. It is essentially the resin glands at work to protect the buds from pot-hungry herbivores. But kief is also a product in and of itself. These glands contain large concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids. Because of this, Keif is one of the most potent components of the cannabis plant.

The most popular way to use our CBD kief is to sprinkle it on top of premium hemp flowers before smoking a joint. Trust us, just a bit of this concentrated powder will add serious potency to your smoke session. Alternatively, you could infuse edibles, press hash and rosin, or make moon rocks with our top-shelf CBD kief.

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