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Its Fall and that means lots of amazing new Hemp Flower Strains are coming out. These just arrived so enjoy the freshest most flavorful flower available at the moment, and check back for new options weekly.

Pink Panther

  • .89% THCA, 14% CBD, 17.2%Total Cannabinoids
  • Amazing Bag Appeal. Absolutely beautiful orange, and purple colors with a strong dank nose. This Sativa dominant strain from Alpine Genetics is exploding with color and flavor. This will be your nee favorite daytime strain.

Catnip Creme Sauce

  • 1.02% THCA, 15.11% CBD, 19.08% Total Cannabinoids
  • Hybrid Strain from Alpine Genetics with soft diesel notes, and a hint of lemon. Dense buds loaded with orange hairs. The effects are calming without being overly sedative, and you can definitely feel the THCA.


  • 1.15% THCA, 17.21% CBD, 22.65% Total Cannabinoids
  • Sativa dominant strain from Alpine Genetics. Lineage is a cross of Abacus with Haute Sauce. It inherits its parents beauty with high THCA and CBD levels that give strong effects. The experience is remarkable for its early and intense energizing effects and its uplifting and euphoric feeling. If you want to feel the magic cannabis can bring you, Abracadabra is your best bet.
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